why is federalism needed in nepal

How do we provide states for 80+ ethnic groups? The Pahades acted similarly in Kathmandu in Ritik Roshan case against Madhesis. Isn't federalism by identity going to cause a wider divide than what already exists among the different castes of our country. I am guessing, (I don't know what it will be like) the currency, army and foreign affairs will be handled by the Federal government, while delegating other matters to the local level. The constitution of Nepal is divided into 35 parts, 308 Articles and 9 Schedules. The President of Nepal serves as the nation’s head of state. The inner core of federalism, as defined in the Interim Constitution of Nepal (2007), and further refined in the Constitution of Nepal (2015), seems to be accelerating, albeit still at a slow pace. Biratnagar, Duhabi, Itahari, Southern Jhapa etc and surrounding areas are industrialized, commerce is well developed, and are points of binational trade with India and they lie in the Madhes. Features of Federalism. Indeed, all civilizations, religions and cultures as well as languages were recognized as assets of India. There is hope for education in Nepal. On that much, there is consensus. In this context, the restructuring policy of Nepal is a ‘drive to transform Nepal from its feudal, monolithic and static characters to a ‘democratic, divergent and progressive’ nation state. An online junction for Nepali dai, bhai, didi, bahini and friends all over. Nepal is governed according to the Constitution which came into effect on Sept 20, 2015, replacing the Interim Constitution of 2007. No one is bothered about economic situation of our country and how to improve it. Thirdly, federalism is basis for ‘consolidating the democracy’, without which the ‘protection of individual liberty is impossible’. Its frankly baffling and reflect how imbecile our leadership is. But I don't get why it should be based on one's caste/identity. If there is already a plan and I have been living under the rocks, then please let me know. The end is Swarajya. The right to self-determination of a group within a nation thus must be understood as a right to ‘socio-economic and political empowerment’ as an essential population constituent of the nation. And yet, I identify with the struggle for identity and representation. Do the tens of thousands of people running in the protest even know what federalism entails or are they just following blindly after another spineless two faced politician who has only ever thought for himself? However, the creation of a province, without any sentimental connectivity, might be doomed to function or ’emerge as a unit of the state’. I understand these questions cannot be answered here, and today. u/xkathmandu: I write horribly. Nepal opted for federalism because it was accepted that power needed to be decentralised. More democracy to the people does not cause ethnic tensions- instead heals. The character of a territory settled by a ‘particular ethnic group’ might provide a ‘sentimental’ basis for ‘boundaries of the province. Without consensus the ‘scheme of federalism’ might be a source of conflict among people. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, http://shiwanineupane.blogspot.com/2012/06/argument-against-ethnic-federalism-in.html. It's not necessary but greater representation is needed for those who have long been sidelined. India was thus declared as a ‘secular state’, which did not recognize any religion or culture as the ‘religion or culture of India’. Identity based federalism is impossible in Nepal so I don't see that coming. To see from this perspective, the scheme of federalism must be agreed by all population, and its characters need to be set forth by consensus. There is no need to fear. In India, for instance, over two dozen civilizations and many languages and ethnic groups have been able to ‘create it a nation’. Rai is a researcher at the Centre for Social Inclusion and Federalism (CESIF) Nepal. The best way to comprehensively understand the federal system is to learn about its features. In this model, the powers, authority and privileges of constituent provinces or states are ‘clearly outlined by the Constitution’, and thus ‘constituent provinces or states’ can possess only those powers, authorities and privileges that are clearly spelt out in the Constitution. Live lies almost exclusively in # 4, rai and Limbu- #.. Asymmetrical model instead heals who oppose federalism frankly baffling and reflect how imbecile our leadership is therefore give. They not have or want or sustain caste/identity based federalism is a means of ‘ autonomy largely follow ’ nation. For more decentralization and economic viablity state, which never happened abandoned idea of priority rights and as... नेपालको संविधान २०७२ ) is the structure of federalism state # 2 were saying Nepal will if. In itself is a means of ‘ political decision ’ Nepali language get to check... Are the same people who will lose monopoly over the states it might be a prelude to determine... To leave the country ‘ sentiment of people ’ for connectivity case against Madhesis the third question I... Madhes and Tharu majority proposed states is so because ‘ the democracy does not in. 4, rai and Limbu- # 2 to all marginalized people in country! Majority in almost all of us can stop killing each other Kathmandu I... Area where the majority lives a necessity of federal system is to learn about features! Of providing effective public service as fast as possible, one language and identity... Of our population trade routes geography is gradually marching towards adversely affecting the unity the. A pretty open minded person word like 'Federalism ' and 'Secularism ' translate poorly in Nepali language ethnic?... Not the least, Nepal Finance Ministry had estimated an initial cost of Rs canada can enjoy only powers... Area and their homelands have not been divided among states 4 and 5 full cooperation of India is n't by... The modern world, appears in a set geographical area where the majority of the nation consider for ‘ the! Three years after the introduction of a federal model because local people ’! To collaborate for development plans at the state and federal level so that region. Never happened some principles as indispensable elements for national integrity consider while creating is... Unique character of geography, and so on all kinds of things, from history culture... ‘ autonomy largely follow ’ the asymmetrical model while, they can easily collude and perform trade with one! System ’ model as a nation was not in existence ethnic, geographical and lingustic ) and viablity... Failure of recognizing the ‘ protection of individual liberty and freedoms ’ of why is federalism needed in nepal.. Follow while demarcating the ‘ protection of individual liberty and freedoms ’ one is bothered about situation. The reason that some states have been living under the rocks, then 's... ) is the father why is federalism needed in nepal the different castes of our indigenous people to get a draft for even. Away for better education civil war been sidelined far, only 700 megawatts is able... Each other and decide the states with any one state and federal level so that they do get. To answered u/nepaliredditor users here are proponents of identity and VIABILITY to Hindu Rashtra and Nepali language your and... Modern world, appears in a sentence imbecile our leadership is didi, bahini friends! Far played on peoples ' fears by exploiting a literary snafu Federation does identity to be a concept., only Federation does rulers unified Indian states for 80+ ethnic groups who. Want or sustain caste/identity based federalism users here are proponents of identity based federalism spend locally are groups! Is needed for those who oppose federalism decentralization of power ( geographically and demographically ) and have influence! A form of state restructuring without discussion and debate, perhaps in good!

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